Peter James Pelegris

Some of my most recent online constructions:

Programmed from scratch in ASP, Javascript/VBScript, SQL and HTML

My first blog, hence Blog Alpha (now Paradox Alpha), being built using a customized WordPress Content Management System

About Me

Welcome to my small personal site on the web. I apologize for the austerity - I have been too busy lately working on my other sites and projects to do too much on here, so I decided to keep it simple. Hopefully though it has what you need. If not, or if you would like to get in touch with me, please feel free to contact me here.

My Resume (Available upon Request)

CSC404 Group Project:
Project Perception

( Trailer )
A 3D XNA C# Game using sounds, voices and graphics to immerse the player,with directional stereo sounds to lead the player to various goals.

My AMD PEY Performance Evaluation (Available upon Request)

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